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Dangerous Diet Tip #5: Calories are all that Count.

Imagine me, 16 years old at the neighbor’s pool, feeling pretty sassy in my new one piece bathing suit with the buttons down each side. My grandmother’s friend edges up to the side of the pool. “Elizabeth, I see you’ve lost some weight, tell me, what’s your secret?” “It’s easy, just eat 1000 calories a [...]

Dangerous Diet Tip #4: Salads: Your Weight Loss Staple.

Salad. The food most synonymous with the word ’diet.’ Many people LOVE salad. Others eat it because they feel like they should if they’re on a diet. Nutritionally, the darker the greens, the more brightly colored the vegetables—the healthier the salad. High volume, low calorie salads make a lot of sense for the average dieter. [...]

Dangerous Diet Myth #2: Low Calorie Foods Don’t Count.

Let’s start with popcorn. Popcorn is a great, high volume, low calorie, whole grain snack-- if prepared in a healthful way. Dieters love air-popped popcorn! It provides a BIG feeling of fullness for very few calories.  It can be a great tool for managing late night snacking when you’re watching your weight … if  you [...]

Dangerous Diet Tip #1: Missed Meals = Missed Calories?

After decades of dieting—books, programs and classes—the ‘rules’ of dieting can become second nature, perhaps even subconscious. Following these practices can reap temporary results for dieters, but for weight loss surgery patients, these rules can be unhealthy and even dangerous. In our hustle-bustle, productivity-obsessed work world, taking time for lunch can seem like a time [...]

Taking Heed with Hummus.

“But Elizabeth, hummus is supposed to be good for you.” My post gastric sleeve client sat across from me in the office, confused and frustrated. “Are you telling me I can’t eat hummus?” As a bariatric dietitian I’ll tell you what I told him, “You can eat hummus…. cautiously.” Here’s the deal with hummus. Hummus [...]

Where oh where did those calories come from?

I was recently perusing some of my favorite clips from and found this piece--which I've paraphrased generously. I love the ideas and appreciate the research and hope you will too. -Elizabeth   Don't Eat From the Bag or Box When you sit down with a bag of chips, do you really know how many [...]