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Candy Canes, Compulsion & Christmas

There are 140 calories in 4 Flipz® Candy Cane pretzels. That’s F-O-U-R, four, itty bitty pretzels. Each, the size of a quarter. I would show you a picture but like my obsession with mellowcreme pumpkins, they wouldn’t last long enough to be photographed. So I did the math. I would have 5 for an afternoon [...]

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Willpower. What’s it Good for? Absolutely Nothin’.

Turns out,  we aren’t that good at self-control. The good news?  Who needs it?? Researchers are discovering that teaching people to resist temptation provides either short-term gains or is just an outright failure. “Effortful restraint, where you are fighting yourself—the benefits are overhyped,” according to Kentaro Fujita, a psychologist studying self-control at Ohio State University. [...]