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“Lose 14 pounds in Two Weeks!” and other New Year Trickery.

And you thought political ads were the worst? January ushers in a completely different but equally irritating ad campaign—dieting and weight loss commercials. Pills, powders, exercise gadgets and diet programs are available all for the fastest, easiest weight loss EVER. Now before I launch into my diet rant, let’s clear the air about some of [...]

Weight Loss Surgery is Not the Solution.

Tori* came to me 200 pounds overweight. She listened carefully to all the facts about bariatric surgery’s possibilities and limitations. She agreed that to reach optimal success, she needed to begin exercising, changing her eating habits and looking at her relationship with food. Tori lost 150 pounds in her first-year post-op. She didn’t have to [...]

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From 420 pounds to Marathon Ninja.

Pandora in 2009 before WLS. CrackerJack of the Month...Pandora Williams   Pandora in 2016, fresh off  her latest half marathon.   My resolution for 2017 is an easy one; each month I want to showcase fabulous and inspiring members of the bariatric community. Anyone who helps lift us up on the worst of days [...]