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No More Black and White Thinking: 50 Shades of Gray

Bariatric Living: 50 Shades of Gray. The second installment in the movie trilogy for 50 Shades is now in theatres. I haven’t seen it yet but I no doubt will. I DEVOURED the book series. But that’s not unlike me. I have a tendency to do things 100% or not at all. This intensity has [...]

Today, We’re All Patriots: Lessons in Resilience.

It's the day after here in New England and we are basking in the afterglow of a shocking upset at Super Bowl 51. I recognize that we’re not all Patriots fans. I can also see how many would feel we’ve won enough. If it were any other team against Atlanta, I would’ve been cheering for [...]

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How to Comfort without Food: A guest post from Susan Hyatt

I love, l-o-v-e, LOVE Susan Hyatt. She's a Martha Beck certified Master Life Coach, author and brilliant #LadyBoss who is on my dream-team board of directors. I wanted to share her recent post of comforting yourself without food because this area is a great mystery to many of us who struggle with food. You can [...]

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