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After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Gains and Losses.

A reviewer on TripAdvisor describes it like this: “… If you have any trouble at all with long walks or steep hikes do not do this. This requires a lot of walking--over and hour and a half." She’s describing the Flume Gorge nature walk in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Before weight loss surgery, my client [...]

CrackerJack of the Month: Michelle Vicari

When I first started CrackerJack Nutrition in 2013, an industry insider told me, "The most important thing you need to do is connect with 'Eggface'; she's a real EF Hutton in the bariatric community. When she talks, people listen." 'Eggface' is the blogging name for Michelle Vicari. Michelle is a successful gastric bypass post op [...]

CrackerJack of the Month: Joe Nadglowski from the Obesity Action Coalition!

  I'd like to brag that it's because of my close personal friendship with Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) CEO Joe Nadglowski that he took the time to talk with me about weight, the disease of obesity and his passion: patient advocacy.   The straight scoop however is that I've only met Joe briefly and [...]

3 am Ice Cream Cravings: Grab a Spoon?

Did you know I write a monthly column for the online site: It occurred to me that it might be helpful to share some of these Q and A’s with you too. Here’s a link to an earlier post: It’s super fun to answer readers’ questions. Let me know if you're craving to [...]

Does WLS Cause Eating Disorders? 5 Questions & Answers.

“Is there any connection between bariatric surgery and eating disorders? I’ve heard you’re at higher risk for getting an eating disorder if you have weight loss surgery. Is that true?” First, there’s a lot of information about WLS that is anecdotal—or based on a personal story, not evidence-based research. As a health professional, I’m obligated [...]

‘Bariatric Girl’ Yvonne McCarthy, April’s CrackerJack of the Month.

Yvonne McCarthy is one of the most recognizable faces in the post-op WLS world. Yvonne is the creator of the website “Bariatric Girl” and had WLS in 2001. “ I told the surgeon to ‘fix me or let me die on the table’.  I just couldn’t deal with living in my body for one more [...]

No More Black and White Thinking: 50 Shades of Gray

Bariatric Living: 50 Shades of Gray. The second installment in the movie trilogy for 50 Shades is now in theatres. I haven’t seen it yet but I no doubt will. I DEVOURED the book series. But that’s not unlike me. I have a tendency to do things 100% or not at all. This intensity has [...]

“Lose 14 pounds in Two Weeks!” and other New Year Trickery.

And you thought political ads were the worst? January ushers in a completely different but equally irritating ad campaign—dieting and weight loss commercials. Pills, powders, exercise gadgets and diet programs are available all for the fastest, easiest weight loss EVER. Now before I launch into my diet rant, let’s clear the air about some of [...]

From 420 pounds to Marathon Ninja.

Pandora in 2009 before WLS. CrackerJack of the Month...Pandora Williams   Pandora in 2016, fresh off  her latest half marathon.   My resolution for 2017 is an easy one; each month I want to showcase fabulous and inspiring members of the bariatric community. Anyone who helps lift us up on the worst of days [...]

Willpower. What’s it Good for? Absolutely Nothin’.

Turns out,  we aren’t that good at self-control. The good news?  Who needs it?? Researchers are discovering that teaching people to resist temptation provides either short-term gains or is just an outright failure. “Effortful restraint, where you are fighting yourself—the benefits are overhyped,” according to Kentaro Fujita, a psychologist studying self-control at Ohio State University. [...]