CrackerJack Cameo: September 2017 Jaime Fivecoat

CrackerJack Cameo: September 2017 Jaime Fivecoat

She’s been on the Today Show.

She’s been featured in the New York Times.

And now the trifecta, appearing on the CrackerJack Nutrition Blog?!

Obviously Jaime Fivecoat is generous with her time and very gracious to share her weight story with CrackerJack Nutrition.

Jaime told me her battle with obesity began when she was a small child and continued well into her adulthood.

After trying every, single, diet known to mankind, Jaime had RNY gastric bypass surgery in 2003. (And again in 2016 but I’ll let her tell that story.)

The surgery changed not only her weight but her entire outlook on life as well.

           Jamie before WLS.

It also led her to a fledging group dedicated to improving care for the treatment of obesity and advocacy for those touched by it.

The mission of this group so resonated with her that she became charter member #6 and then, their first chairperson.

You might have heard of this group? The Obesity Action Coalition?

Flash forward ten plus years to a thriving OAC with more than 54,000 members.

I’ve always struggled to succinctly describe the OAC’s mission but  Jaime has it nailed.

“The value of the OAC’s is that we are the primary voice of those who seek treatment for the disease of obesity. We are the patients, the researchers, the medical professionals, the caregivers, and the people who care about those who suffer from obesity. By all of us coming together we have, and will continue to make a difference.”

Jaime on Capitol Hill with the Obesity Action Coalition.

I’m beyond delighted to shine the CrackerJack Spotlight on such a dedicated advocate for our community.

Click here to watch the entire interview:


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