After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Gains and Losses.

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Gains and Losses.

A reviewer on TripAdvisor describes it like this:

“… If you have any trouble at all with long walks or steep hikes do not do this. This requires a lot of walking–over and hour and a half.”

She’s describing the Flume Gorge nature walk in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Before weight loss surgery, my client Rob could only dream of taking hikes like this with his family.

This past weekend, he tackled this hike with his wife and two young kids.

“I think I was in the best shape of everyone,” he proudly told me this week.

Rob has lost more than one hundred pounds since having gastric sleeve surgery last November.

When I asked him then about what motivated his decision to have surgery, he told me he wanted to actively participate with his kids in outings just like this one—not simply as a spectator.

My heart bursts with pride for Rob and his family.

Weight loss surgery has given Rob a second chance to re-engage with his life and be the husband and dad he aspires to be.

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