I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again.

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I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again.


This is Dawn Jackson Blatner’s ‘good luck jumper.’ That’s what she called it on her social media post the morning before her talk at Your Weight Matters or YWM2017. The Obesity Action Coalition’s annual advocacy and education convention for everyone touched by obesity.

Dawn is a registered dietitian and nationally known personality for her best-selling books and win on the ABC reality show “My Diet is Better than Your Diet” in 2016.

Dawn is a perennial favorite at YWMatters conventions not only because she’s knowledgeable and highly successful but also because she’s so refreshingly fun.

Dawn’s talk this year was called “What’s YOUR Comeback Rate? How to Turn Struggles into Your Greatest Strengths.”

The premise was simple: successful people ‘fail’ but then quickly bounce back, assess the lesson and are up to bat again in very short order.

Conversely, unsuccessful people ‘fail’ too, but their recovery time is very slow and their energy is consumed fighting violent self-loathing and shaming.

Dawn’s data came from an analysis of 15 studies involving more than 3200 people.

The main takeaway?

People who practice self-compassion:

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Sleep better
  3. Exercise more
  4. Experience less stress


So, it’s literally in your best interest to scrap that old “I’m a LOSER” mantra after every, Single. Mistake.

Dawn took the research to heart and incorporated a simple technique each time she heard that internal scolding following a goof-up.

Here’s her plan:

Step 1: Forgive yourself.

Instead of self-berating, remind yourself that making mistakes is proof that you are trying.

Sure beats gestating on the couch like a vegetable!

Step 2: Be curious.

Instead of hating yourself for not taking your calcium for several days, look at your behavior like a curious scientist.

Ask, “What could be the reason I’m forgetting to take my vitamins? Do I hate the taste? Do I keep running out and forgetting to re-order? Do they upset my stomach?”

Dawn says there are typically 5 emotions directing our behavior.

She calls them The Mean Girls.

She says if we understand these emotions then we can better control the thoughts that follow them and the actions that follow those thoughts.

The Mean Girls

  1. Procrastinator
  2. Hopeless
  3. Perfection
  4. Tantrum
  5. Panic

Next time I’ll explain more about these gals and I’ll bet you find you already know one or two!


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