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About Our Services

When I decided to go into private practice I’d been a dietitian for 13 years. I had worked in hospitals, in under-served communities and in business and industry. Experience had shown me exactly which clients, which environment and what philosophy was the right fit for me.

  • Ideal Clients: those who struggle with weight and food. You are my people, I feel the pain; we’re kin. Let’s connect and put shame, fear and pain– out to pasture.
  • Ideal Environment:  Clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts can meet with me online or in-person. If you’re out of state, or out of the country–let’s make a pampering weekend of it at a gorgeous, 5 star resort in historic Boston or on Martha’s Vineyard or at the foot of Mt. Washington at the world famous Mt. Washington Resort in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.
  • Philosophy: When you feel better, you do better. When the journey is sweet, the destination is a piece of cake.

Each CrackerJack client receives…

Compassion…everyone deserves to have their challenges respected
Empathy….when just one person ‘gets’ how you feel, the pain instantly eases
Support…no one should have to go it alone
Individual attention….pre-printed plans and stereotypes? Not found here
Careful listening…hello?! It’s about you, not me. Finding solutions to meet your specific needs

I haven’t had weight loss surgery but I know something about how food and weight can lead to tremendous suffering.

When I work with someone and see that shift in their eyes, that lifting of burden, that sense that there is hope, that there is a way out of suffering, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

If I can take the knowledge and education I have to help someone else who is suffering, this is the noblest work for me.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth began her career in… broadcast journalism as a reporter, producer and anchor in her native state of Maine. She decided to get a Master’s Degree in Nutrition after realizing health science was more her style than covering crime stories, snowstorms and (snooze-fest) board meetings.

Elizabeth has been a registered and licensed dietitian for 15 years and loves every energizing minute. Her passion for weight management and bariatrics was born out of her own struggle with food, weight and that inner critic. Elizabeth strives to listen deeply, without judgment and help each person set free the glorious being held hostage by weight wars.

Elizabeth’s philosophy takes the best from evidence-based science and mixes it with love to make the world taste good!

Instant Bariatric Reboot!

Bariatric Reboot!

  • Bariatric Reboot!*

*pgm focus on sleeve and bypass surgeries

Personalized Program

  • One 90 minute individual nutrition counseling session with Elizabeth via Skype or telephone  NH and MA residents only
  • Two 30 minute follow up sessions with Elizabeth via telephone or Skype

V.I.P. Program

  • Three 60 minute individual nutrition counseling sessions with Elizabeth via Skype or telephone   NH and MA residents only
  • free access to Bariatric Reboot! series
  • 3 day diet review–where are you on track, where are you off?
  • Complete review of all your nutritional supplements

*The Instant Bariatric Reboot is a 6 part series available for instant download and includes segments on:

  • GREAT EXPECATIONS vs. REALITY RESULTS: Are you really off-track? A reality check. Plus– What you wanted to lose compared to what you actually lost.
  • WLS REGAIN, RELAPSE & RECOVERY: When the honeymoon is over— What’s normal, why it happens and how to regain your footing.
  • WLS EATING 101: What, how much, when, how often, why and oddly enough, how to eat for best results and fewest side effects.
  • WLS WATER, WINE & WHISKEY– How much is enough? Too much? Is it really risky to have a glass of wine? What to do when you just hate water.
  • WLS SUPPLEMENTAL SUCCESS: What you need, what you don’t and what to be sure you never do.
  • WLS: Why Support Can Be Beautiful–Why you need it, how to get it and where.

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